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Zen-Na-Na is the ‘site’ to see for top quality genuine handcrafted custom and personalized crafts made exclusively by a single talented proprietor. This is your opportunity to unleash some creativity and transform a crafty idea into a cherished keepsake to enjoy forever.

Every item is specially made to order, exclusively for you. It’s your project! Provide your own details or brainstorm together with me and watch as inspiration, perspiration, and personal attention combine with thoughtful execution to lead to some amazing end results.

Every item depicted on this site began its journey into reality as a random or spontaneous idea just itching for attention. Sometimes the idea sprang from my own excitable mind and sometimes it came as a request from a friend or colleague or even as a proposed solution to an ongoing problem. People come to me because they’re looking for something special and they can’t find quite what they’re looking for anywhere else.

Let’s bring your vision to life with a one-of-a-kind creation and put a little Zen in your surroundings!

Please contact Zen~Na~Na to talk about what you are looking for whether you see it here or not. Anything is possible!

“The point of the spiritual life is to realize Truth. But you will never understand the spiritual life, or realize Truth, if you measure it by your own yardstick.”

~ Dainin Katagiri

About Zen-Na-Na Creations

My name is Shannon, aka Zen-Na-Na. Simply, a Jack-ie of all trades.

I find my Zen balance of mind, body and soul in creativity, inspiration, craft making and gift giving. I express this by constructing, painting, modifying, repurposing, recycling/upcycling, and even cooking. Blended with my background in general construction and auto maintenance, fun ideas and practical knowledge come together perfectly to do what I do best. Whether it’s unique handmade gifts, hand-painted wall décor, fun looking treats for social gatherings, or any conceivable/craftable item, useable or edible, I’ve either made it or would love to make it. So many things inspire me!

For as long as I can remember, before the internet and personal cell phones, I’ve been inspired to share my creativity. When I was in elementary school, instead of walking up to the local convenience store for comic books or candy, I’d make a beeline straight for the hardware store where I grabbed supplies to remodel my bedroom. Even then I was really committed – I prepared the room correctly, painted a nice blank white canvas, and ended up with magnificent two-tone handprint decorated walls! Unfortunately, my mother didn’t share my level of excitement, but she was impressed enough that she let the walls remain untouched.

These projects, they recharge my soul. My heart goes into every minute of work. And it’s not really work per se, which is why it’s easy to make sure each one turns out fantastically. People say I’m half Martha Stewart the homemaker and half Bob Vila the DIY wizard. I’ve lost count of the number of friends and acquaintances urging me to share my gifts. I’m at my best when I’m in my focused zone with ideas whirling around in my head and people’s visions crystallizing into something real and lasting. So I finally gave in and I have absolutely no regrets. It’s easy to follow your heart.

“Zen is a liberation from time. For if we open our eyes and see clearly, it becomes obvious that there is no other time than this instant, and that the past and the future are abstractions without any concrete reality.”

~ Alan W. Watts

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“Not being tense, but ready.
Not thinking, but not dreaming.
Not being set, but flexibl.
Liberation from the uneasy sense of confinement.
It is being wholly and quietly alive, aware and alert, ready for whatever may come.”

~ Bruce Lee